Endotracheal intubation training (intubation steps)

Course description



Maintaining respiratory passability by keeping the airway open is a priority task in emergency medicine, intensive therapy and anesthesiology. Endotracheal intubation training, know intubation anatomy and main intubation steps are also essential to support breathing in certain illnesses, such as pneumonia, emphysema, heart failure, collapsed lung or severe trauma, remove blockages from the airway., get a better view of the upper airway or in some cases – protect the lungs in people who are unable to protect their airway and are at risk for breathing in fluid (aspiration).

What will you learn during the endotracheal intubation training course?

During the endotracheal intubation training course, you will learn indications for intubation, intubation anatomy and how to prepare for intubation correctly. You will be able to perform direct laryngoscopy, insert the intubation tube into the trachea correctly, and define the correct position of the tube in the trachea. In short, you will learn the main intubation steps.

The primary skills acquired

  • Preparation of endotracheal intubation equipment

  • Direct laryngoscopy

  • How to intubate intuitive tube into the trachea

  • Definition of the position of the intuitive tube

Endotracheal intubation training, designed for doctors and nurses, is clear and interactive, covering: theory, lectures, tests, practical classes in the training class. Your skills will be validated and certified by qualified mentors in the field.


Teaching plan

Basic endotracheal intubation (for students)

TOPIC 1. Intubation skill
TOPIC 2. Intubation procedure: preoxygenation and intubation


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Price 48 EUR
Language Lithuanian
Date Unlimited