Emergency essentials: skills and procedures

Course description

This course is intended for LSMU MF 6 year students.

During this course you will have an excellent opportunity for self study of the theoretical material and to develop practical skills in convenient for you time. The training will last for 1 semester, 8 topics will be studying: primary survey, respiratory arrest, emergency situations, acute coronary syndrome, spinal immobilization and management of hemorrhage, first aid for traumatic injuries, sepsis, stroke. Also you’ll have opportunity to work a shift in Emergency Department.


Teaching plan

Emergency essentials: skills and procedures
TOPIC 1. Respiratory Arrest
TOPIC 2. Primary survey and secondary assessment
TOPIC 3. Emergency situations
TOPIC 4. Acute coronary syndrome
TOPIC 5. Spinal immobilization and management of hemorrhage
TOPIC 6. First aid for traumatic injuries
TOPIC 7. Sepsis
TOPIC 8. Stroke
TOPIC 9. Working in the Emergency Department


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Price 48 EUR
Lecturer evelina.pukenyte
Language Lithuanian
Date Unlimited